Rebar Mesh

Asset 10.png

GatorBar's composite mesh has specifically been manufactured to standard steel mesh sizes allowing for easy calculation and layout, even though its performance exceeds that of steel.

#3 10mm (3/8")

  • 2.42m x 1.22m

  • 2.42m x 2.42m

  • 3.6m x 2m

#4 13mm (1/2")

  • 2.42m x 1.22m

  • 2.42m x 2.42m

  • 3.6m x 2m


Key Advantages to GatorMesh vs Steel Mesh

  • Lighter and stronger than steel

  • Easier to handle and transport

  • Less prone to damage in transportation

  • Does not bend or deform ensuring accurate levels within the form

  • Does not corrode

  • Can be stored outdoors

  • Gives concrete greater resistance to cracking

  • Eliminates possible corrosion blow out or reduced performance

  • Does not conduct electricity

  • Extends the life of concrete

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